Wednesday, 27 of May of 2020

“Skellig Brothers” Opening Night

Our opening night was a complete success. The reception was planned form 6-8pm but we went on till well after 10.30. Sales were brisk and the red dots were out in force. It was great for my skellig brother Scott and myself to have such an enthusiastic crowd to celebrate the fruits of a whole years work.

And certainly a high point was Brother Anthony Keane of Glenstal Abbey who officially opened our show. If I say “What a lovely man” it sounds so corny, but I make no apologies for saying it. I got to spend a few hours together before the show and chat about the work. Later he said the most amazing and insightful things about our exhibition. The guests were taken in by his charm and his unique take on our seascapes. At one stage he even had us down as two painting-priests with our easels at the waters edge, or words to that effect.

Courtesy of Caroline Hubner we have great photos of the reception, and Anja Coyne kindly put them online: They are well worth a look.

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