Friday, 21 of June of 2024

Sunday Family View of the “Skellig Brothers”

Last Sunday started like a school day: up at 7am and down for a turbo breakfast. It was a cold foggy morning in Wicklow and we’d lost an hour of sleep due to the summer-time change over. With all our gear packed we hit the road heading for Dublin. During the drive the sky transformed from grey to blue and suddenly spring was in the air.

Arriving at the Urban Retreat just in time to set up, and Noelle put the girls to work promoting the Sunday Family View of the “Skellig Brothers” with flyers for the café guests next-door. Both the Sun and the Family turned up with a whole collection of friends and collectors and their offspring. Straight away we were into masking making, face painting soon followed by spontaneous pavement art and paper boat races in the Grand Canal Dock.

While the kids were entertained I took the time to network and talk people through the exhibition. Noelle closed a few sales. My Skellig Brother Scott was in New York in body but with us all in print. A big article of his romance with Caroline had come out that morning in the Sunday Independent.

Sunday Family View of the “Skellig Brothers”

Kids first at Urban Retreat.

And the Daddies didn't come up short either.

The "creative hub".

Pavement art.

Enjoying the March sunshine.

Skellig Kids.


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