Tuesday, 14 of July of 2020

Poetry Anthology

Out of the blue an Irish book publishers contacted me last month if they could use one of my paintings as the cover for a new poetry book. The anthology is for leaving certificate students during 2013 and 2014. Over 100K students will use the poetry textbook over the two years. At an average age of 18 they will all be potential collectors with 10 years.

It all brings back memories of one of my own schoolbooks from the last millennium. I know it was an English literature book but can’t remember what was in it as I spent most of my time looking at the cover. And on that cover, wrapped all the way from front to back was the “The Liffey Swim” by Jack B. Yeats.

I am really delighted about this opportunity, not less that they searched me out for the project. The book is now in production and I personally know quite a few people who’ll have it in their school bag.

“The Liffey Swim” by Jack B. Yeats.

"Setting at St. Finans" by Rod Coyne, selected for cover of Poerty 2014.

Poems 2014 Dummy Cover

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